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Tipsy Rolling Into Taste of Buffalo

Are you ready for the Taste of Buffalo? Get your taste buds ready because we’re bringing something special to the party – Traveling Tipsy Trailer Co.! Our mobile bar is making its way to Buffalo, New York and it’s bringing with it an array of delicious custom cocktails, beer and wine. Whether you’re looking for something classic or something new and exciting, they’ve got you covered. So get ready to enjoy some amazing drinks in a one-of-a-kind setting!

Tipsy Trailer in Niagara Square

The Taste of Buffalo event will take place in the heart of downtown, at Niagara Square. There, you can enjoy a wide variety of cuisine from some of the best restaurants in the area. To add to your experience, Traveling Tipsy Trailer Co. will offers beer, wine and of course, custom cocktails made with local ingredients and flavors. Our mobile beverage service will have something for everyone! Some highlights include the Taste of Buffalo Birthday Bellini, Buffalove Lemon Drop Cocktail, Bills Blitz Spritz, The Good Neighbor or a cold beer on tap from Resurgence Brewing. Get ready to grab a drink and explore all that Buffalo has to offer!

taste of buffalo winery

Photo Op Heaven

Once you’ve got your drink in hand, don’t forget to snap a picture! Our mobile bar is designed to be the perfect backdrop for a photo-op. It features a vintage vibe for you and your friends to get that perfect selfie. With its unique design, you can be sure that your photos will stand out from all the rest.

Come out and relax in our tipsy lounge, with even more photo ops, while enjoying some delicious drinks and having an amazing time!

buffalo mobile beverage service

Food Festival Sponsors

The Taste of Buffalo is a celebration of our city's culinary excellence and vibrant community spirit. The Traveling Tipsy Trailer's sponsorship of the festival this year embodies this same sense of community, supporting local events, businesses, and the collective joy of coming together to indulge in great food and drink.

The partnership between the Taste of Buffalo and the Traveling Tipsy Trailer Co., brings an exciting and spirited twist to the already remarkable food festival. With our mobile mixology magic, innovative cocktails, and passion for community engagement, the Traveling Tipsy Trailer adds an extra layer of excitement and flavor to an event that's already renowned for its culinary delights.

Taste of Buffalo 40th Birthday

Come out and join us in celebrating the 40th birthday of the Taste of Buffalo on July 8th and 9th. Get ready to enjoy some delicious drinks, explore all that Buffalo has to offer and get some great photos with our mobile bar! See you there!

taste of buffalo

Where's Tipsy

Find us at more festivals and events this summer in Buffalo, and around Western New York. Tipsy is your go-to mobile beverage service!

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